Mission Focus
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FELT – Feeding Empty Little Tummies
Since 2015, we have been providing children in need from Mays Chapel Elementary School with weekly backpacks of food so
they have enough to eat over the weekends and breaks. This year we started out with 6 children. That number will fluctuate
throughout the year as circumstances change or families relocate.  In past years, we have provided weekly backpacks to as many
as 18 children. These past two years have been especially hard for many families in our community. Making sure the children have nutritious meals when they aren’t in school enables them to concentrate in school and succeed in life.
Thank you for your support in helping us with this very important mission. For monetary donations please mark
your donation FELT. For food donations, please check with Dawn for a list of appropriate items.
Church World Service (CWS) was founded in 1946 and is a cooperative ministry of 37 Christian denominations and communions, providing sustainable self-help, development, disaster relief and refugee assistance around the world. The CWS mission is to eradicated hunger and poverty and to promoted peace and justice at the national and international level through collaboration with partners abroad and in the US.
The Northern Baltimore County CROP Walk helps to end hunger by raising funds for programs locally and in over 30 countries around the world. 25% of the funds we raise will go directly to the Baltimore North Cluster Food Bank.
Please consider walking with us on September 25th at 2pm at Leister Park in Hampstead, MD. Donations can be made to CWS/CROP or online at https:/crophungerwalk.org/parktonmd
Thank you

Every year teachers spend up to $500 or more of their own money to help children who lack school supplies. This year we have three different donating opportunities to support teachers and children.  Children in need at Mays Chapel Elementary.  30 homeless children (preK-12) who are from families that are helped by Prologue Inc.  And, 25 kindergarten children, taught by Miss Emily, where art supplies are a real luxury.  Please bring your donations to church by August 14. Or, if you prefer, write a check with school supplies on the memo line and we’ll do the shopping!  Thank you!!

Supplies needed 

Beads – kindergarten, Binders – ½”, 1”, 1 ½”, Bingo Daubers, Color Pencils, Composition notebooks – WIDE RULE, Crayons – 24 pk,
Dry Erase Markers – Expo, black, Erasers – large Pink Pearl, Erasers – pencil top, Folders – solid color, plastic with prongs & 2 pockets,
Glue Sticks – regular & large, Markers – washable, Paint – washable, Paint – water color, Pencils – Sharpened, Pencil Boxes,
Pencil Pouch – large zippered, Pencil Sharpeners, Pens, Scissors – student, Tissue Paper.

Backpacks for- 11 preK & K students, 10 -students in grades 1-3, 3 -students in grades 4-5, 4-students in grade 7, 
2-students in high school

The Baltimore County Christian Workcamp was founded by two Methodist ministers in 1984. It is now run by lay people. All work is done by volunteers of all ages (8 years to 80+) and all funds are raised by donation or grants. Their mission statement is “To provide home repairs and assistance for the needy in Baltimore County by volunteers of all ages”
Each year over 40 homes are repaired throughout Baltimore County during the third week in July and at other times throughout the year.  Repairs may be as simple as yard cleanup or as large as building a ramp. Often ramps provide handicapped access to the outside that may have not been possible for months or longer
Homes are suggested by the County Department of Social Services or Department of Health, food banks, churches, personal referrals, etc.; sites are then prioritized by need and resources available. The number of sites on which work is performed in any year depends on the number of volunteers, their expertise, the magnitude of each project, the weather, and BCCW’s finances.  (In 2022, the week will be JULY 17 – 22, 2022, our 39th year.)
“It starts with breakfast. Manna House provides the homeless and poor of Baltimore City with the assistance and support to move towards independence and stability. We help transform people’s lives by feeding them first.” (Manna House Website)
Manna House has been one of Mays Chapel’s mission focus for many years. Our very last face to face mission experience was serving breakfast at the center the day before the pandemic shut us down. We look forward to going back soon and serving breakfast again. Manna House adapted to the pandemic closure by changing the way they served. Volunteers packaged boxed meals to hand out not only to the homeless and poor that would have normally come in, but also to the community at large. They still continued to offer services such as health care, showers, clean clothes, identification papers, cases management and much more. They have started renovating the space next to them (a former restaurant). This new space will provide them with a much larger kitchen and eating area.
-How can I help? Let Dawn or Pastor Laurie know if you would be interested in serving breakfast one morning. (We would go as a group, not alone.)
-Volunteers are always needed to pack hygiene kits, sort clothes and organize storage of donated items.
-Mays Chapel collects travel size toiletries to donate for their hygiene kits.
-Monetary donations are always needed. Please mark your donation “Manna House” and the church will send it along.
As always, thank you for your support of Mays Chapel missions.
Our mission is to improve the quality of life and provide equal opportunities to people of all abilities through community development and employment services while raising public awareness.
Inspired by the success of our Expressive Arts Therapy program, we launched our Meaningful Day program in 2019. This is a Monday-Friday program that aims to provide an elevated experience for young adults of all abilities after they exit the educational system. Karina Association offers the Meaningful Day program via our approval as a Service Provider for DDA and DORS.
We provide Community Development Services to our participants, where they are immersed in their community via volunteering and hands-on learning opportunities. CDS fosters personal growth and development of new skills through engagement in community-based activities with people without disabilities. CDS provides the social supports necessary to foster lasting relationships and a path to discover each individual’s niche for employment opportunities within the community. With encouragement and support, young adults identify their skills, interests, and needs, and work toward improving their ability to self-advocate. This journey of self-education is an ongoing process, as individual needs change over time.
We are also approved to provide Employment Services, including a variety of supports to help Karina’s participants identify career and employment interests, as well as to find a niche for self-employment.
For enrollment information, please contact office@karinaassociation.org.
The Committee on Native American Ministry supports Native American ministry and outreach, promotes awareness of the Native American community residing within the bounds of our conference and develops leadership among the Native community.
There are more than 20,000 Native Americans within the denomination. We are encouraged to partner in repairing past harm and to move forward with awareness and respect, celebrating and embracing the contributions of First Americans.
Ways to help –
1. Gain knowledge of the history and contributions made by Native Americans. Learn more about the present-day struggles and inequities they face.
May 13th- The BWC Committee on Native American Ministries (CONAM) is hosting a conversation with Dr. Casey Church about the COVID-19 pandemic and Raggatha Rain Calentine about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) and their impacts on Native American Communities. This webinar will provide resources for individuals and/or congregations who desire to raise awareness and be of support. In 2019 almost 6000 young Native American women disappeared or were murdered. Yet only 116 of these cases were on the Dept of Justice national database. It is suspected that many of these missing women have been trafficked. 
2. Support Native American small business. Links on BWCUMC website.  
3. Make a monetary donation with CONAM in the memo line.
25% of every donation to CONAM provides seminary scholarships for Native Americans attending United Methodist schools of theology. This fund is distributed by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministries.
4. You can also designate a donation to a specific project through global ministries. Projects can be found on advance.umcmission.org. 100% of your donation goes to the project
United Churches Assistance Network (UCAN) is an ecumenical partnership of sixteen local churches in North Baltimore County that have pooled resources in an effort to better respond to the needs of the community. Together they offer financial assistance and supportive guidance to those in crisis situations and where required, refer clients to the Cockeysville Food Pantry and the Epworth Thrifty Penny for clothing. UCAN is an all volunteer organization. We have NO payroll.
UCAN opened its doors on June 3, 1996. Through December 2020 UCAN provided assistance to 14,875 families with 13,773 children. These monies included food certificates, lodging, prevention of evictions, utility payments (gas, electric and heating fuel oil), transportation (including MTA tokens) and prescriptions. This aid was in addition to assistance provided through networking with other community assistance networks within Baltimore County.
Since the onset of the pandemic, UCAN continued to operate by going virtual. Our individuals and familys text or email their needs through an application called JotForm. Through the dedication of our volunteers and the incredible generosity of an anonymous donor, UCAN has provided over $700,000 in assistance since the start of the pandemic.

In spite of the worsening violence and unrest in Haiti, the past year has been very busy for Tend My Sheep Haiti. On July 1 2021 along with Purposeful Pathways and Sus Manos Gleaners we entered into a five year lease for the Duparc Farm from The Good Shepherd Orphanage.  This 127-acre farm near Miragoane, Haiti will be a center for agriculture training, community ministries and education opportunities. Tend My Sheep Haiti is responsible for directing all of the agriculture training and projects at the farm. In October I traveled to the farm to identify and begin several projects.  The following is a partial list of the work we did in the month I was there:

  • Repaired a tractor and implements and began clearing and plowing land for growing crops.
  • Removed the roof on the large chicken house damaged by two earthquakes and multiple hurricanes and cleared the trees and vines that had grown over the walls. We contracted with a crew to rebuild the walls and construct a new roof for the building. This work is now complete and ready for chickens.
  • Designed and built a small bridge over an irrigation canal to allow tractor access to all of the fields.
  • Built a fence around a small field to keep wandering livestock away from seed beds used to start seeds.
  • Measured and planned for additional fencing around fields and pastures.
  • Cleared an area for growing fruit trees.
  • Purchased and planted fruit trees.
  • Contracted for construction of additional security walls and repair of the earthquake damaged wall around the goat pen. Very soon we will begin purchasing goats.
  • Purchased a gas-powered grinder for grinding corn and peanuts for sale and also custom grinding for other farmers in the community.
  • Mays Chapel UMC purchased backpacks for school children in September at the beginning of the year. We also provided food for the Christmas party for the children in the youth program at the church and others in the community.
  • In addition to the work at the Duparc farm, Tend My Sheep Haiti purchased 50 hens for a small holder egg production project near Mirebalais. These hens are producing 30-40 eggs daily for sale in the community.

Our groups purchased a shipping container, and we are gathering farm equipment, other equipment and fencing materials to ship from the US in the next few months.

We have accomplished much in the past year due to the generosity of our church family and our donors.