A Message from our Pastor

Our mission at Mays Chapel is to accept God’s love and give it away.

I know what you’re thinking. Well, I know what I’d be thinking if I were you: that this sounds like a nice mission statement, but isn’t it a little broad? What does it mean to accept God’s love and give it away?
You’re right – it is a broad statement. To accept God’s love is a huge task. But God doesn’t call us to do things that we could do by ourselves. We need God and we need each other.
Everything we do is measured against the idea of working together in God’s love. Does it move us closer to being the beloved children of God we are called to be and are we helping others to know that they are beloved children of God as well?


So who are we at Mays Chapel UMC?
We are a family of faith. We are imperfect people. We are beloved children of God. We are all seeking something: a place to belong. Wholeness and fulfillment. Answers to life’s deepest questions. At a certain level, we all understand that something is missing from our lives. We are seeking something that only God can provide. We can only have that emptiness filled, sustained, and nourished through God’s love for us.
The problem is that we don’t have our eyes or ears open. We often miss the signs that God is there, right in front of us. Scripture tells us that we can only see “as if in a mirror dimly.” We only catch a glimpse of God, even though God is all around us. We believe that God is all around us and can be seen in the most surprising places and speaks to us in the most surprising ways
We believe that God is calling us as beloved children to participate in the redemption of the world. We believe that we are created in God’s image so that we might truly be participants or co-creators in the re-creation of the beautiful, creative, energetic, loving world that God intended for us.